To be a woman is to be part of a whole, of the world.
It is loving, caring, listening, respecting, helping, sharing, educating.
When I feel my feminine inner being, it awakens what I feel, what I listen to, what I see, I am attentive to myself and also to other beings.
I am true with my inner being and I follow what I feel, my intuition.
I give and I receive, I share experiences, I listen and I feel, I help, I take care of myself.
To be true, to listen and to respect my inner being elevates me to a level of clarity and redemption towards the world and other beings.
I respect the nature, the energy of each one, and so, freely,
I love and receive love unconditionally.

- Maria from Portugal -
Whom I met in Bucelas 

Soraya Petzoldt