5 ways to instantly feel more sensual


Sensuality to me is being alive, feeling joy and pleasure. It’s feeling turned on by life and tapped into my body sensations. The feeling of effortless flow and experiencing the fullness of this exact moment.

Sensuality isn’t something that only belongs in the bedroom. We can experience it in every moment, enjoying the intimacy we share, our food, bodies, nature and ourselves.

In this world, where we mostly live inside our heads, behind our screens and to-do lists, tuning into our bodies isn’t a priority for mosts of us. Inside our bodies we can storage blockages and tension, that withhold us from experiencing pleasure and love for our magnificent bodies.

A lot of women feel shame and fear around pleasure. Connecting with our bodies and tapping into our sensuality can help releasing those feelings.

You naturally embody your Sensuality, to enhance this connection, I share my top 5 ways to being turned on by life. Practices that have given me more self-love, self-acceptance and joy.

Practices that will help you to release more feel good hormones and become wildly sensual.

  1. Dance

Yes, shake that booty. Create a playlist of your favourite songs and start dancing. Allow yourself to fully express without holding back. Close your eyes and surrender to the music. Whenever I find myself getting stuck in my thinking while I am dancing, I completely change my moves so that I have no other option as to become fully aware of my body again.

2. Touch your boobies

Your breasts are a centre of femininity. They are highly sensitive, even orgasmic. I touch my ladies daily and give myself breast massages. It feels so good, it’s really beneficial for our overall health and I find that it immediately connects me to a deeper sense of myself.

3. Breathe

Taking deep breaths, breathing towards your belly, helps you to connect to your lower part of your body. Most of the breaths we take during a day are shallow and never reach this deep. Waking up this lower part of our body helps to be more grounded and more aligned with our sensuality.

4. Take things slow

Touch slower. Eat slower. Move slower. This will help you to experience everything deeper and more profound, and your body will be more awake.

5. Praise your body

Tuning in to the pleasures of your body is one of the fastest ways to access your sensuality because sensuality is experienced by the body. To fully experience and bask in the joy of our bodies we must release self-criticism.
We can become our body love cheerleaders by practising standing in front of the mirror and look at all the things we love. Tell yourself everyday what you love about yourself. What a gift is your body. Your amazing heart that is always beating for you. Your beautiful eyes that have seen so much and show you all the gifts of this world. The curves of your lovely mouth. That beautiful mole that makes you so unique. Everything about your body is so precious and utterly beautiful.

Wake up the senses by taking a nice bath, put on your favourite scent, cream your body with silky body lotion and touch yourself. Touch yourself like the best lover you know, would touch you.

Every morning when I wake up I thank my body, tune in and ask what it needs and I give it love and energy. This helps me to work together with my body the whole day through.

And my bonus tip

Take nude pictures of yourself. Say what? I love taking nude pictures of myself. I love being naked creating art with my body. It makes me super aware of each part of my body and so grateful for all my lines and curves.

These pictures can be just for yourself. Strike a sexy pose. Or create something artistic. Just play and see how it makes you feel.

If you want to learn how to take sensual self portraits

I am teaching a day long workshop on the 7th of April in Utrecht, where I spill all my secrets on how to create your own stunning portraits. You don’t need a fancy camera or have photography experience to join.