Soraya Amber

I am a storyteller, sharing my naked truth in words, songs and art photography.

As an intuitive certified coach, I hold space for you, helping you to follow your own truth. Guiding you to wildly love yourself and freely express all that you are. The full embodiment of a hu- (wo) -man.

In my work, I explore the stories I gather on my healing shamanka journeys, told from my guts and if possible with a twist of absurdism. I like to get cheeky. I like to be real and naked. I love it if what I create feels like you are soaking up sensual poetry. Giving you space to feel everything as loud as the pulse of your heart.

We are here, you and me, with our feet in the mud, our hearts full of joy, our heads in the clouds, creating a whole new era where our self-love, laughter and kindness leads. Where our intuition is the language we all speak.

Hop on this wild ride, my love, let’s do this together.


If you like to work together, buy an art work or ask a question, drop me a message.

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