so you can live an untamed life

Do you desire having more intimate honest relationships?
lose all shame around your body and your weirdness,
be a sensual, creative and alive woman?

Are you ready for a life beyond your most mischievous dreams?

Do you feel a yes somewhere in your body? Alright.
You’ve come to the right place

A fully embodied wild woman allows herself to be in the flow state of creativity and sensuality. She is alive, knows her worth and she creates her life from magnetic pull. You are born free, wild and confident - time to come home to it.

The truth is - Everything you long for is already here, inside of you. It’s time to embody who you really are and untame the parts that have been holding you back.

My work is a combination of life coaching, feminine embodiment coaching and creative untaming.

These are topics we can work on:

  • Getting rid of the fear that is keeping you stuck.

  • Choosing you, and let your life be less about the needs of others

  • Creating loving and fulfilling relationships with yourself and others

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • More Self-love and self acceptance - so there is more joy and freedom in your life

  • Getting clarity on family issues and take up the space that is yours

  • have deeper understanding of the wisdom of your body, cycles and feelings.

  • You want to experience way more play in your life.

  • You want to say bye bye to your body shame and fully love and accept your body whole heartedly.

  • Untaming the old stories from your childhood.

  • You want to melt away any insecurities and be your authentic true self.

  • You are ready to love yourself wildly and express yourself freely.

  • You want to create your life according to your own terms.

  • You are longing to dive deeper into your creativity & What gives you joy.

  • You want to be completely connected with your feminine flow.

  • You want to release the shame, trauma and guilt that still holds you back from fully enjoying life.

  • you want to have the right tools to feel less stuck in your grieving and depression

  • You want to feel more ease in your life.

I am a certified coach and I work with a toolkit of different techniques that I intuitively use in our sessions. I work from my core and let my guidance flow. I am a deeply feeling, also messy and creative human being. I love to use humor and play when working together because this way transformation can happen with more ease.

Working with me is not about following one roadmap to succes or creating tight schedules. This is about igniting your spark, listening to your intuition, being okay with not being okay and carving out time to be all of you. This is about falling in love with every aspect of you, so you can be in the flow of your life.

Tools I like to use:

  • Energy work

  • Shadow and constellation work

  • Breath work

  • Voice Dialoque

  • Inner Child Work

  • Creative Assignments

I will give you homework and you can check in with me via e-mail for support if needed.
I provide a safe space for you to fully emerge in your growth.

If you live in the Netherlands - you can book a session in my coaching space in Utrecht.
I also work with Zoom and Skype.

  • You will have 1 hour that’ll give you a lot more clarity on what you want and need.
    This will be the start of a WONDERFUL journey.

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If you want me in your ring for a longer period: my coaching sessions are between 1,5 and 2 hours to give us the full space to work with what needs attention. My sessions cost 125,- euro incl. btw.